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Additional Services

We offer a variety of supplemental policies to cover you when your health policies do not, including:

  • Cancer plans with immediate cash benefits and customizing options;
  • Accident and Fracture Care with burn, dislocation and dismemberment categories;
  • Hospital Indemnity to help control the out-of-pocket expenditures during a hospital stay;
  • Limited Benefit Health Insurance which allows reimbursement for physicians, emergency room and diagnostic care; and
  • Critical Illness plans with immediate cash benefits associated with illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, organ failure, transplant and cancer.
Can you afford your deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, and all that your insurance policy won’t cover when you have a catastrophic event or illness strike your family?  Protect yourself now!

Global Medevac

Global Medevac is emergency air and ground ambulance transportation that we offer to make sure you’re covered when you don’t have the time to think about whether you can afford to be medically transported or not. Global Medevac offers peace of mind and ensures that you are transported to the best facility for your specific medical needs. We offer coverage anywhere for emergencies 24/7 not just on an 8-5 time clock.

Safe Harbor

We cover a wide variety of boats including fish and ski, pontoon, jet, cruisers and all personal watercraft.  Don’t drown in the event of a watercraft accident!

Let us help you PLAN for the future TODAY.