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Financial Strategies

It is our belief that life insurance is one of the most important policies that you can own, as it protects what is most important to us… our families.

More than death benefits, though, there are many life insurance policies that provide retirement and investment opportunities as well.  The Jacoby Insurance Agency offers a wide array of life insurance and annuities, and it is our pleasure to sit down with you and discuss each in detail. After all, your life and your situation is unique to you, and finding a policy to fit your goals and needs is our passion.

In addition to traditional life insurance policies that require a health screening or exam, American National offers a no-exam life insurance with up to $250,000 in coverage.   We also offer policies with exams, depending on your particular situation and coverage desires.

Retirement Plans

We offer 412 (e) (3) Defined Benefit Plans, Traditional Defined Benefit Plans, New Comparability Profit Sharing Plans, 401 (k) Plans (including Safe Harbor plans).  American National began in 1905 as a life, annuity, pension company and we continue to excel in this arena.   We offer the latest in plan design and personally design each plan for your growing business.  Can you really depend on your social security checks to live comfortably after retirement?  It’s never too early or late to start planning your retirement.

Whether you don’t know where to start in insuring the future for your family or you know exactly what you want, give us a call!


Our company has a wide variety of annuities that offer guaranteed lifetime income.  Our annuities provide protection from negative economic conditions and the peace of mind for the future.

“The days of lifetime employment, with a generous company pension waiting at retirement, are long past for most Americans."

With an unpredictable job market and even more uncertain financial markets – not to mention spiraling health care costs - it is understandable why millions of Americans are worried about achieving a comfortable, secure retirement. Or the prospect of being able to retire at all!

Amid the pessimism and uncertainty, we – as insurance and financial services professionals – are well positioned to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients!” – Shannon Smith

If you are looking for a guaranteed paycheck or playcheck, let American National provide one of the many annuities that we offer! Here at the Jacoby Insurance Agency, we can show you:

  • Powerful ways to use simple products such as life insurance and annuities;
  • advice on how to protect yourself from inflation and deflation;
  • details on the importance of having a plan for long-term care and distribution of your estate; and
  • a secure investment plan to get as much upside and as little downside as possible.

Some of our other life insurance offerings include:

Signature Term Insurance

Term insurance offers a death benefit and is convertible within the length of the term.  American National offers 1, 5, 10, 20, and 30 year term policies.   However, in order for the death benefit to be paid, somebody has to die.  It includes a fixed premium rate for a certain amount of time, the “term,” after which the policy holder can elect to renew the policy, likely at a different premium rate, or may have the option to convert to a permanent policy without proving insurability.  Premiums are generally lowest with term insurance, generally lowest with term insurance, which may free income to invest elsewhere.  Could term insurance be right for you?

Signature Guaranteed Universal Life

A Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Policy (SGUL) can provide a number of solutions to life’s uncertainties by helping you manage your death benefit for as long as you live. What makes the SGUL so unique is the flexibility of the guaranteed death benefit. You can secure a customized length of the benefit, with dialable guarantees extending the policy from age 95 to as much as 121 years of age if needed! And, with living benefits like the ability to cash out your premium at certain ages, SGUL is a highly versatile life insurance product that can provide coverage for your entire life. Furthermore, SGUL also includes all of the accelerated benefit riders (terminal, chronic, and critical illness), as well as other available riders and benefits. In other words, SGUL was designed so that you can make certain your loved ones are protected for as long as you live, and long after.

Signature Indexed Universal Life Insurance

With an Indexed Universal Life insurance policy, you have the benefit of profiting from any gains on the S&P 500 while also having downside protection from losses in the index. This policy also allows your cash value to grow tax-deferred. This policy can be a vital tool to help your family meet its long term goals – it can provide income replacement for surviving family members, college funding or a more comfortable retirement.

Signature Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

The Single Premium Whole Life policy provides permanent life insurance protection that is guaranteed to be paid up for life with just one premium payment. This product builds cash value and provides an income tax free death benefit that is guaranteed for life.  This benefit is dividend participating and can provide a wide variety of benefits.

Children’s Term Riders

Losing a child is unimaginable.  A small life insurance policy on the lives of our children can take the financial burden away from such loss at a small premium per month.  Children’s term riders allow parents to purchase life insurance for their unmarried, dependent children ages 15 days through 24 years.  These policies typically range from $1,000 to $25,000 and offer a conversion privilege after the child turns 18 to 25 years of age.

In addition, our policies include an accelerated death benefit for Terminal, Chronic and/or Critical Illness, allowing you access to your benefits while still alive.

Let us help you PLAN for the future TODAY.